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German Beginner Course | Learn German fast and easy

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Learn About Key Concepts Of The German Language And Bring Your German To The Next Level - German For beginners

What does this course teach you?

German language - Introduction
About the course How to get the most out of this course
German language - Essentials 1
Learn German - Greetings Greetings Learn German - How are you? How are you? Learn German - Thanking someone Thanking someone Learn German - What's your name? What's your name? Wie heißt du? Learn German - Where are you from? Where are you from? Wo kommst du her? Learn German - Do you speak..? Do you speak..? Welche Sprachen sprichst du? Learn German - Conversation 1 Conversation 1
German language - Grammar 1
Learn German - Personal pronouns Personal pronouns Learn German - Question words Question words Learn German - Possessive pronouns Possessive pronouns
German language - Essentials 2
Learn German - Numbers Numbers Learn German - Numbers (Advanced) Numbers - Advanced Exercise: Numbers How old are you? How old are you? Wie alt bist du? Learn German - Family Family Learn German - Family (Advanced) Family - Advanced Meine Familie (my family) Learn German - Animals Animals Exercise: Animals Learn German - Colors Colors Farben Learn German - Conversation 2 Conversation 2
German language - Grammar 2
Learn German - Negative Statements Negative Statements Learn German - The verbs "sein" and "haben" The verbs "sein" and "haben" Learn German - Definite Articles Definite Articles Learn German - Indefinite Articles Indefinite Articles Artikel Learn German - Plural forms Plural forms Learn German - Conversation 3
German language - Repetition 1
Repetition: Countries and nationalities Repetition: Numbers & Family Repetition: Animals & Colors
Mid-Term Test
Mid-Term Test Mid-Term Test
German language - Grammar 3
Learn German - Umlaute "ä,ö,ü" Umlaute Learn German - Verbs Verbs Learn German - Modal verbs Modal verbs Learn German - "Du" vs. "Sie" "Du" vs. "Sie" Repetition: Articles Repetition: Articles
German language - Food & Beverages
Learn German - Food Food Learn German - Drinks Drinks Essen und Trinken Learn German - Meals Meals Learn German - Eating Out Eating Out Learn German - Conversation 4
German language - Traveling
Learn German - Transportation Transportation Learn German - At the hotel At the hotel Learn German - Eating Out (Advanced) Eating Out - Advanced Learn German - Conversation 5


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Curso de Alemán A2 - Alemán para principiantes avanzados

Mejora tu alemán con música y ejercicios para poder certificarte con el nivel A2
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