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Fundamentals of Audit - A Crash Course

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Make strong foundation in Basics of Audit

What does this course teach you?

Meaning and Definition of Audit
"Definition of Auditing " Areas of concern for Auditor
Objectives and Scope of Audit
Objectives of Audit Scope of Audit Aspects to be covered in Audit
Types of Audit
Types of Audit
Advantages & Limitations of Audit
Advantages of Audit of Financial Statements Inherent Limitations of Audit
Simple Case Studies
Case Study on Audit Absolute Assurance Simple Case Studies
Auditing and other Disciplines
Auditing and other Disciplines Auditing and Accounting Auditing and Law Auditing and Economics Auditing and Behavioural Science Auditing and Statistics & Mathematics Auditing and Data Processing Auditing and Financial Management
Standard Setting Process
Role of International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board Role of Auditing and Assurance Standards Board Applicability of Standards Compliance with Documents issued by ICAI
Qualities of an auditor
Qualities of an auditor
Independence of Auditor
Independence of Auditors Threats to Auditors Independence Safeguards to Independence Professional Skepticism Acceptance and Continuance of Client Relationships and Audit Engagements Human Resources in Audit Firm
Elements of System of Quality Control
Elements of a System of Quality Control Leadership Responsibilities for Quality on Audit Ethical requirements relating to audit of Financial Statements Bonus Lecture
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