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Escape the City: StartUp School - Launch Your Business Idea!

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Entrepreneurship Fundamentals & Business Strategy To Create Your Business Using A Proven 10 Stage Process

What does this course teach you?

VIDEO: Welcome to Escape the City VIDEO: Want to launch an idea – but unsure where to start? INFOGRAPHIC: Launching your idea EXTRA READING (10 mins): Paul Graham on why to start a startup
STEP ONE: FOUNDATIONS - Am I clear on my motivations, values, risks & resources?
VIDEO: Am I setting the right foundations? VIDEO: 4 questions to uncover your values EXERCISE: How to unearth your values EXERCISE: How to assess your startup idea against your values VIDEO: Map your good idea criteria
STEP TWO: IDEAS - How do I choose the ‘right’ idea?
VIDEO: What if you don't have an idea? VIDEO: What if you have 'too many ideas'?
STEP THREE: ASSUMPTIONS - Do I know what I'm assuming to be true & priorities
VIDEO: Get clear on all the assumptions you're making VIDEO: Rank your assumptions in order of risk VIDEO: Design simple tests for your riskiest assumptions PROJECT: Map Your Assumptions
STEP FOUR: CUSTOMERS - Do I know whose problem or need am I solving?
VIDEO: Who are you helping? VIDEO: How to define the problem and a pick a test niche
STEP FIVE: NICHE - Do I know who my first customers/users will be?
VIDEO: What do your customers ACTUALLY want? VIDEO: Golden Rules for Customer Development: Good & Bad Questions BONUS WATCH - How to learn from your customers when everyone is lying to you
STEP SIX: BUSINESS MODELS - Have I considered other ways to solve this problem?
VIDEO: Have I considered other ways to solve this problem? VIDEO: Generate solutions & different business models
STEP SEVEN: SANITY CHECK - Do I have a business case?
VIDEO: Does my basic financial forecast make sense? BONUS: Free Financial Model Templates
STEP EIGHT: FIRST VERSION - Is my first version embarrassing?
VIDEO: How to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) PROJECT: MVP Plan & Tools READ: The Ultimate Guide to MVPs
STEP NINE: AWARENESS - Do I know how to reach my target audience?
VIDEO: Does my niche buy and recommend my product? TOOLS: Branding tools


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