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Docker for Beginners

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Learn Docker with multiple hands-on activities. Networking, volumes, environment variables and running apps in docker

What does this course teach you?

Course introduction Join the "Be Skillful" Learning Community GitHub Repository for the Docker course Course Structure
Docker Installation
CHAPTER 1 - Installing Docker Desktop on Mac Installing Docker Desktop on Windows Installing Docker Engine on Linux
Basic Docker Containers (Ubuntu, Busybox, Alpine)
Running hello-world container Running Ubuntu container Running Busybox container Alpine vs Busybox images
Port and Volume Mapping in the Docker Containers
Running Nginx with exposed port Nginx container with custom content Adding favicon to the project WINDOWS: using path variable Using path variable in volume mapping
Docker Containers Management (Ubuntu, NGINX)
Running containers in background Running container with Pseudo TTY Creating multiple Ubuntu containers from the same image Running multiple Nginx servers Cleaning up stopped containers
Running Python Applications in Docker
Creating Python containers Simple Python program CHALLENGE Simple Python calendar app CHALLENGE SOLUTION Simple Python calendar app
Running Node.js Applications in Docker
Running Node.js container Hello world application with Node Express web server using Node Add handling of the SIGINT and SIGTERM signals CHALLENGE Create files handling Node app CHALLENGE SOLUTION Create files handling Node app Conclusion - containers can create and modify external files
Running MongoDB Containers
Pulling Mongo image and creating first Mongo container Starting additional processes in the running container What is entrypoint and where is it located Creating new Mongo database using Mongo shell Running Mongo container with persistent database
Communication between Containers and Environment Variables (MySQL, phpMyAdmin)
Starting Wordpress container Plan for the next lectures - networks and environment variables Default bridge network and communication between containers Exploring environment variables Starting MySQL container with env variable Launching another phpMyAdmin container Connecting phpMyAdmin to MySQL container Making notes of the commands
Default and Custom Bridge Networks in Docker (Wordpress, MySQL)
Communication using hostnames in the default bridge network Inspecting default bridge network Creating new custom bridge network Creating busybox containers in the custom network Using custom persistent names for connectivity in the custom network MySQL and phpMyAdmin in the custom network CHALLENGE Wordpress with MySQL and phpMyAdmin CHALLENGE SOLUTION Wordpress with MySQL and phpMyAdmin - PART 1 CHALLENGE SOLUTION Wordpress with MySQL and phpMyAdmin - PART 2 Summary for the Wordpress and MySQL setup


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Docker Course for Beginners

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Master en Docker & Networking de Principiante a Experto

Conocer, utilizar y aprender Docker desde cero. Despliegue sus servicios de forma rápida y segura utilizando Docker.
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