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Data Storytelling and Data Visualization 2020

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Storytelling with Data and Data Visualization (Applicable to all tools - Excel, Power BI, Tableu, R, Python & more)

What does this course teach you?

Communicating with Data
Speaking the Language of Data What is a Data Communication? Communicating with Data
Good and Bad Data Vizualisations
What Makes and Effective Data Communication? Effective Communication Examples Effective Communication Examples
Visual Design and Communicating Visually
Visual Perception - Order Visual Perception - Hierarchy Visual Perception - Clarity Visual perception - Relationships Visual Perception - Convention Visual Design and the Application to Data Graphs Visual Design Quiz
The Right Graph for the Right Data
Components of a Data Visualisation Different Types of Graphs Deadly Sins of Graph Design How to Avoid Being Mislead with Graphs
Designing Your Graph to Tell a Story
Create a Clear Graph Bringing Out the Story with Colour and Formatting
Craft an Inspiring Narrative
Analytics Value Chain Uncovering the Context BONUS: Anecdote - lessons from work: Learning the Role Context Plays Fundamental Data Narratives - with TEMPLATES Turning your Graph into a Story
Bringing it all together
Steps to Creating a Powerful Visualisation Thank you! Assignment: Tell your Great Story with Data Case Study - Turning an Overwhelming Monthly Report into a Succinct Story BONUS: Case Study - Confusing Report into Data Driven Action


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Data Visualization with After Effects

Present your ideas with Awesome Infographic animations
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Data Visualization in R with Project on Covid-19 Analysis

How to visualize data in R, understand ggplot2 package, data visualization tools in R, and project on Covid-19 analysis.
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Data Visualization in Python with Covid-19 Analysis Project

Learn to use Python for Data Visualization. Practical project on applying Python for visualizing & predicting Covid-19.
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