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Create a Chatbot for your Website and Facebook - No Coding!!

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Beginners Guide to an easy to use chatbot platform for business. No technical skills needed. Improve your communication!

What does this course teach you?

Chatbot overview
Meet the chabot platform Create Your ChatBot Account Meet Your Dashboard
Build your chatbot
Build Your First Chatbot
Install Chatbot
Install ChatBot on your website WordPress: Add ChatBot to your website Google Tag Manager: Add ChatBot to your website
Chat Widget
Customize Chat Widget Setting up Greetings Configure Chat Widget
Learn about Stories What is Context How to map Interactions What are References How to clone your Story
First steps with interactions Welcome Interaction Fallback Interaction Context Fallback Interaction dependencies Filters Clone interactions Set a delay for bot responses
Bot responses
What are bot responses Button settings Add Emoji to Your Chat Text Image Transfer Card Carousel Button Response Quick Replies Go To Reset Ask question Backtracking Transcript Close Chat Create Ticket Tag for LiveChat Goal for LiveChat Close Chat for Chat Widget Add to segment Remove from segment Set Attributes
What are Attributes How to use Attributes Use Attributes with Integrations The list of Attributes
Entities System Entities Add system entities to your story What are User Entities Create a new Entity Using Entities in Interactions
Artificial intelligence
Matching Systems Machine Learning Keywords Examples and Exceptions


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AI Chatbot Masterclass

Learn how to build a customer care bot on IBM cloud without purchasing anything.
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