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Complete SQL Guide

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SQL/MYSQL course

What does this course teach you?

Codes Used in This Course SQL Installation Course Intro Getting Familier with SQL Database Management Introduction MYSQL workbench vs MYSQL command Line
Starting with MySQL
Creating and Deleting New Tables Resources INSERT data in SQL Constraints UPDATE & DELETE data from TABLE Fetching Data's using Diff Types of Queries AS operator DISTINCT keyword IN keyword BETWEEN operator First Exercise Sollution of Exercise 1 LIKE operator Exercise 2 with Sollution
Advanced SQL
Regular Expression or REGEXP operator IS and IS NOT operator INNER JOIN with ALIAS Exercise 3 with Sollution Joining Tables accross Different Databases SELF JOIN Exercise 4 with sollution Implicit JOIN OUTER JOIN OUTER JOIN with multiple Tables Self OUTER JOIN USING keyword NATURAL JOIN CROSS JOIN UNION operator Exercise 5 with sollution
Copying Table Using INSERT and SELECT together Functions VIEW CASE operator IF and NULL IF operator TRIGGERS


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Mastering SQL Query With SQL Server

Querying Microsoft SQL Server & Azure SQL DB
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Category: Databases > SQL Server
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SQL SERVER Jobs e Alertas. Automatização para DEVs e DBA.

Automatize tarefas com Jobs, Alertas e Email. Execute T-SQL, Procedures, PowerShell, CmdOS, SSIS, WMI e SSAS.
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Category: Databases > SQL Server
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