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Complete PHP Course With Bootstrap3 CMS System & Admin Panel

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In this complete course students will learn how to use PHP with Bootstrap3 as well as A CMS System and Admin Panel

What does this course teach you?

PHP Basics
Introduction - Course Benefits and All You Get From Enrolling In This Course! Installing Xampp On Local Machine Where to Save Files PHP basic Syntax String Data Type Integer Data Type And Getting Different Data Types Variables Concatination Arithematic Operators Assignment Operators Increment/Decrement Operators Logic Behind Conditional Statements and Comparison Operators Comparison Operators More On Comparison Operators Logical Operators If Else Nested If Else Nested If Else Advanced If else if then else Switch Statement While Loop Do While Loop For Loop Creating a Simple Function Function With Argument Return Statement Globe Scope Static Scope Substr & Strpos Functions More String Functions String Functions Special for HTML Logic Behind Array Array Construct Array Identifier Associative Array MultiDimentional Array Printing Array Using For Loop Foreach Loop for Printing Complete Array Printing Associative Arrays with their keys using Foreach Loop Using Foreach Loop for Printing Multidimentional Arrays Print_r Function Array Functions Array Functions Advanced Mathematical Array Functions & multidimentional Array Function $_SERVER Super GLOBAL Array $_GLOBALS Super Global Array Logic Behind Get and Post Method Creating and Getting the GET Variable Include and Require
Working with HTML and PHP
Creating a Simple HTML Form Receiving HTML Form Post Method Isset Function Getting Requests on the Same Page Passing Data With Some String Functions Validating the Complete Form Validating the Complete Form 2 Adding Some Advance Form Elements
Working with MySQL Database using PHP
PHPmyadmin Creating a Database and Table Inserting Data In MySQL Creating MySQL Username Retrieving Data From DataBase Getting Data in an Organized Way
HTML, PHP, MySQL & Bootstrap
Downloading and Applying Bootstrap in HTML5 Creating the New Form with BootStrap and HTML5 Validating our Form Using HTML5 required attribute Submitting the Form Submitting the Form 2 Creating the Detail page Programming the Detail Page Deleting a Row Adding Bootstrap to Buttons Getting MySQL data in HTML Form NEW Getting Value for Select tag from Database Creating Countires List table and geting it in the PHP file Adding countries table to Other pages Creating Header and Navbar with Bootstrap Creating Post Area With Using Some HTML5 and Bootstrap techniques Creating a Form In Aside Area Using Some bootstrap techniques Creating Latest Post and Aside Area Using Some Bootstrap Techniques Creating the Search bar Creating Footer Separating Home and Post Page Creating database and Table for the CMS System Connecting and Retrieving Data From the Database Getting posts on the post page and using the GET variable Creating and Programming the Menu Page Changing the Active Class by the Help of Database Programming the Side Posts Area Separating Header Programming the Contact us page and Creating Table Separating Sidebar Separating Footer Editing Sidebar Creating Search Page Showing Searched Text Creating Contact Us Form Creating Registration Page Programming the Registration Page Validating Password and Fixing Some Bugs
The Admin Panel
Intro to the CMS System with Admin Panel. Based on PHP and Bootstrap Creating Header For Admin Panel Creating Side Nav for Admin Panel Creating Collapsible Menu Creating the Top Block Creating and Renaming Multiple Top Blocks Adding Latest Post Area to the Dashboard Adding, Comments Area, Users Area and Profile Area to the Dashboard Creating New Post Page Adding TinyMCE Text Editor in our Form Creating New Category Page Creating View Post Page Creating View Category Page Creating view Comments Page Creating View Profile Page Completing The View Profile Page Creating Login Page and Activating it Completing the Login Panel Secure Admin Dashboard with Login Creating Logout Page and Learning How Login and Logout actually works Securing ALL Admin Pages with Login and Password Creating Admin and Subscribers role Programming the Profile Page Programming the New Post Page Getting Post Data in PHP and Creating Image Uploader Completing the New Post Insertion Program Modifying retrieving Query from Index page to getting specific data Adding Pagination Retrieving data Post List Page Joining Tables Changing Post Status Programming the View and Delete Button From Post list Page Creating Edit page Creating New Category Page Retrieving and deleting categories Edit Category Modifying Category Name into Id from many pages Programming the Dashboard Completing the Dashboard Programming Code Exercise of CMS System with Admin Panel Course Summary and Conclusion - Thank You For Taking Our Course! Course Bonus Lecture! A Special Bonus For You For Finishing This Course! Getting MySQL data in HTML Form
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