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Complete Photoshop CC 2020 for the absolute beginner

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Master Photoshop CC 2020 essentials in this beginner course. Learn all the useful parts of Photoshop in 4 hrs!

What does this course teach you?

Introduction to Photoshop CC 2020
1-1 Course Introduction 1-2 Navigating in Photoshop 1-3 Things to note 1-4 Opening and saving an image/document 1-5 Zooming in and Out 1-6 Understanding Layers and Move Tool 1-7 Free Transform Tool 1-8 Undo in Photoshop
Image adjustments
2-1 Changing Image and Canvas Size 2-2 Cropping your image 2-3 Auto Tone / Auto Contrast / Auto Color 2-4 Brightness, Contrast, Levels, Curves 2-5 Exposure, Vibrance, Saturation 2-6 Hue, Color Balance, Black and White 2-7 Summing up Image Adjustments 2-8 Case Study 1: Beautify your photographs
Deleting pixels in Photoshop
3-1 Importance of Erasing 3-2 Brush Tool and Selecting Color 3-3 Eraser Tool and Background Eraser Tool 3-4 The Cover Up method 3-5 Layer Mask 3-6 Summary of deleting pixels in Photoshop
Selection techniques in Photoshop
4-1 Importance of selecting pixels 4-2 Selection using the Marquee Tools 4-3 Selection using the Lasso Tools 4-4 Quick Selection and the Magic Wand Tool 4-5 Selection using the Pen Tool 4-6 Summing up Selection techniques 4-7 Case Study 2: Stitching images realistically
Cloning in Photoshop
5-1 Overview of Cloning 5-2 The Clone Tool 5-3 More about Clone Tool 5-4 Spot Healing Brush and Healing Brush Tool 5-5 Summing up Cloning
Filters in Photoshop
6-1 Overview of Filters in Photoshop 6-2 Blur and Gaussian Blur 6-3 Sharpening your image 6-4 Filter Gallery 6-5 Layer Style effects 6-6 Case Study 3: Photo Collage and Adding Effects
Creating Text in Photoshop
7-1 Overview of Creating Text in Photoshop 7-2 Raster vs Vector 7-3 Horizontal and Vertical Type Tools 7-4 The Character Panel 7-5 Text Effects 7-6 Shapes in Photoshop 7-7 Case Study 4: Creating Typography Quotes Images 7-8 Case Study 5: More Typography Works
More about Photoshop
8-1 Overview of Section 8 8-2 Adding External Fonts 8-3 Adding External Brushes 8-4 Adding External Shapes 8-5 JPG vs PNG vs GIF 8-6 How to save in JPG and PNG properly 8-7 PPI and Printing your Images 8-8 Grouping and Color Tagging layers
More Case Studies
9-1 Case Study 6: Creating Posters / Flyers / Design Works 9-2 Case Study 7: E-commerce Clean-up 9-3 Summary of very useful shortcuts 9-4 Course Conclusion


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