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C# Console and Windows Forms Development with LINQ & ADO.NET

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Learn to build a practical Data Driven MDI Windows Forms Application using C#, LINQ and SQL Server Express.

What does this course teach you?

Development Environment Setup
Install Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition Install .Net Core SDK Setup GitHub Account Tour Of Visual Studio
C# Console Programming - Basic Control Structures
Write a Simple Hello World Program Input and Output Programs C# Data Types and Conversion Operators in C# Condition Statements Repetition Statements Methods and Return Types
C# Console Programming - More Advanced Concepts
String Manipulation Functions Handling Exceptions Classes and Objects Arrays, Lists and Other Collections
Winforms Applications - The Basics
Create a Simple Winforms Application (Car Rental Application) Understand Winforms Controls, Properties and Events Form Validation and Exception Handling Install SQL Server Express Edition Create Database in SQL Server Create Database Model with ADO.NET Select Data from the Database Using LINQ Submit to Database from Form
Multi Document Interface (MDI) and More Database Operations
Creating Additional Forms and Windows Create an MDI Application
Managing Database Changes and CRUD Operations
View Data In A Grid Managing Database Changes Create and Edit Records (Using one form) Activity - Add Try...Catch Logic to the forms and a Refresh Button and Logic Vehicle Data Validations and Exception Handling Manage Car Rental Records Enhancing Application Flow and User Experience
User Management and Login Functionality
Simple Login Form Control Features Based on User Roles User Password and Active Status Reset Add New Users and Password Reset
Add To Source Control
Add Project to GitHub
BONUS Section
BONUS Discounts
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