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Build Undetectable Malware Using C Language: Ethical Hacking

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In This Advance Ethical Hacking Course You Will Learn How To Create Your Own Penetration Testing Tool With C Programming

What does this course teach you?

Introduction & Welcome To Hacking With C!
Ethical Hacking Advanced - Learn How To build Undetectable Malware Using C What Are We Going To Learn In This Course & What You Need To Know! Our Malware In Action & Hacking Fully Secured And Updated Windows 10 Machine How To Make An .EXE Transform Into Any Other File Type (.jpg, .pdf, .mp4 ... )
Hiding Our Program & Defining Connection Points
Explaining Malware Structure & Including Needed Libraries Hiding Our Program Console Window Defining Connection Points To Our Backdoor Note for next lecture ("goto instruction" in C programming) Attempting Connection Every 10 Seconds With Our Target
Building Shell Function & Executing Commands
Creating Our Shell Function Executing Commands On Target Machine Server Socket Initiation Making Server Compatible With Our Backdoor Testing Our Malware For Command Execution
Switching Directories Inside Of A Program
Changing Our Program Directory
Creating Persistance & Nesting Our Program In Windows Registry
Taking A Look At Windows Registry Interacting With Registry In Order To Start Our Program Automaticly
Adding Keylogger To Our Malware
Understanding Keylogger Code Adding Keylogger Function To Our Backdoor
Hacking Windows 10
Updating Our Server Code Hacking Windows 10 Target With Our Program "You Have Been Hacked" Is It a Browser Or Backdoor ?


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