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Build Real Software with Python, PyQt5 and QT Designer

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We will build step-by-step a 6800 US Dollars real Software using Python, PyQt5 and Sqlite3. A 2h Straightforward Course.

What does this course teach you?

Introduction and Course Overview
Introduction and Project Description Preview of the Final Result (GUI software and Database)
Download and Install the Working Tools, Create the Database
Download and Install the Working Tools (Python 3.6 | PyQt5 | Sqlite ) Create the Sqlite Database and fill it with Data Data Table
Design of the GUI in QT Designer
Design of the GUI in QT Designer - Part1 Design of the GUI in QT Designer - Part2
Inventory Management Software Programming in Python
Programming Part 1 - Create PyQt GUI loading and displaying Class Programming Part 2 - Load Data from Database and display in GUI Table Programming Part 3 - Create Search Filter for Parts Inventory Count Programming Part 4 - Display Parts Inventory Statistics in QLabels Programming Part 5 - Display Top 3 Parts in QTable and Navigation Rows in GUI Programming Part 6 - Update Database table from our GUI button Programming Part 7 - Delete a Row from our Database Table using GUI commands Programming Part 8 - Add new Rows and Data to our Database from the GUI Programming Part 9 - Add Navigation buttons FIRST, PREVIOUS, NEXT, LAST
Add Ressources to GUI, include CSS style, Compile the Software as EXE file
Include photos ressource to our GUI and link it to Python code Add CSS Style to the GUI form in QT Designer Compile the Software as (.exe) file using PyInstaller and AUTO-PY-TO-EXE In case you get EXE error Source files (Database + Python Code + GUI)
Bonus Lecture
Bonus Lecture
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