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Become A Full Stack Web Developer - Beginner To Advanced

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In this complete course you will learn step-by-step how to become a full stack web developer from scratch today!

What does this course teach you?

Welcome to the Course
Become A Full Stack Web Developer From Scratch Today! Welcome To Become A Full Stack Developer - Enjoy The Course! Course Overview - What You Will Learn in Our Entire Course!
HTML A code Editor HTML What is HTML HTML What are Tags HTML Different Heading Tags HTML Structure and Commentin HTML List HTML Nested Lists HTML Tables HTML Nested Tables HTML Links HTML Links 2 HTML Iframes HTML Form HTML Form 2 HTML Form 3 HTML Img Tag HTML Head Tag
CSS Basic CSS CSS External CSS CSS Background and Border CSS Text methods CSS ID, Classes and Internal CSS CSS Dimensions CSS Floating Elements
JavaScript Intro JavaScript How JavaScript Works JavaScript Data Types Javascript Variables JavaScript Mathematical Operators Making a template using components
Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap Intro Making directory and files Installing Bootstrap CDN Downloading and Installing Bootstrap Package Bootstrap 4 Headings Bootstrap 4 Images Bootstrap 4 Containers Bootstrap 4 Grid System Bootstrap 4 Jumbotron Bootstrap 4 Colors template Bootstrap Typography Bootstrap 4Typography 2 Bootstrap 4 Buttons Bootstrap 4 Buttons Group Bootstrap Drop Down Bootsstrap Badges Bootstrap Alerts Bootstrap Progressbar Bootstrap 4 Tables 2 Bootstrap 4 Tables Bootstrap List Group Bootstrap Paginations Bootstrap breadcrumb Bootstrap Cards BootStrap Collapsibles Bootstrap 4 Nav bootstrap 4 navbar Bootstrap 4 navpills
React JS
Setup Environment for ReactJs Setup Environment for reactJs 2 Making the Very first app What is Jsx States in React Props Props and State Combined setState Forms in ReactJs
Introduction Composer and Installing Laravel Laravel Directory Structure Artisan App Key App name Change namespace Configurations Basics of Routes Route Groups Route Names Controllers Basics The Request Object Form Submission Basics Views Setting up Master Layout Passing data to views Security @csrf Validation Basics Custom Validation Messages Bootstrap form component example Responses Basics Keeping old values JSON Response Email Basic Configurations Sending Email Mark Down Email Migration Basics More adding dropping columns Eloquents Creating, Updating, Delete data Query Builder Collections Seeding Basics Using Seeding Factories Summary
Mini Project - Task List App
Introduction Database and Model Routing and views Validation Adding Tasks Displaying Tasks Deleting Tasks Summary Task List Project File
Admin Panel
Project Settings Installing Laravel Collective Master Layout Setting up Add Products Storing Products Validation errors in fields and Image Thumbnail Fetching Products and Delete Edit Product Product Details Orders Orders and Relations Fetching Orders Orders Pending and Confirm Order, Product, User Details Getting All Users in Admin Users Product Details - A user hasMany Products Dashboard Config Summary
Admin Panel - Authentication
Config Login Login Controller, Model Migration and Validation Logging in admin user and guards Admin Route Groupping Route Protecting using Middlewares Logout & Admin panel finial touches Applying Guest Middleware Summary Admin Panel Template


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Laravel 7.X from beginners to master.

Learn Basic lessons in Laravel 7 by building an advanced app. This course is also available in Laravel 5 and 6.
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Category: Web Development > Laravel
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Learn Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project

Build a small Project using Laravel 7 to get you started on the fundamentals (over 9000 Students enrolled)
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Category: Web Development > Laravel
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