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Basic Chinese Grammar for GCSE IGCSE IB SAT AP HSK

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The greatest truths are the simplest! In simple way, Chinese Grammar is just the sequence construction of Characters!

What does this course teach you?

Basic Chinese Grammar
Introduction Question words 疑问词 Subject and object 句子结构 Adverbs 副词 Modal verb 助动词 Coordinated subjects/topics + 都 All Indirect questions 间接疑问句 Pivotal construction 连动句和兼语句 Modification of nouns: With and without 的 de Measure words 量词 Use of modal particle le 了 Conjunctions 连词 Expression of location 方位词
Verbs of movement
Verbs of movement:
Time expressions
Time expressions:(a) asking the time
Comparison, Verb complements, Passive 把 construction
Experiential suffix: 过 Verb complements Passive 把 construction, Adverbial


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