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Basic Bookkeeping Hacks

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How to easily get your accounting and bookkeeping done fast

What does this course teach you?

Introduction Talking With Your Accountant or Banker Difference between accounting and bookkeeping Introduce Yourself
Bookkeeping vs. Accounting
Introduction Ethics and Rules Types of Business Organizations Basic Terminology Accounting Concepts and Principles
Accounting Equation – Assets – Liabilities = Owner’s Equity
Introduction Assets Liabilities Owner’s Equity
Types of Statements
Introduction Balance Sheet Income Statement Cash Flow Statement Summary
Bookkeeping Secrets Revealed
Introduction Separate Business and Personal Bank Accounts Business Credit Cards Basic Software Hacks Organizing vs Procrastinating
Sample Transactions
Introduction Sample Transactions
Wrap Up
Next Steps Help Your Fellow Students
Canadian Bonus Strategy


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Accounting Excel Partnership Comprehensive Prob-First Month

Comprehensive partnership accounting cycle problem in Excel with preformed Excel worksheet for each step
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