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Azure Kubernetes Service - AKS

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What does this course teach you?

Introduction Requirements
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) overview
What is AKS? AKS pricing
Managed vs self-managed Kubernetes
The truth about managed Kubernetes services The good about managed Kubernetes services The bad about managed Kubernetes services Managed vs self-managed comparison Managed vs self-managed Kubernetes Quiz
AKS Capacity Analysis
Regions availability Restricted Virtual Machine Sizes Resource Group and Tags Node Operating System Kubernetes version Network Resources reservation Azure subscription limits Resource Group limits AKS Capacity Analysis Quiz
AKS Network - Architecture
Overview Kubenet (basic) vs Azure CNI (advanced) Basic Load Balancer vs Standard Load Balancer Recommendations AKS Network - Architecture Quiz
AKS Netwrok - Egress traffic
Basic External Load Balancer with dynamic outbound IP [ HANDS-ON ] Basic External Load Balancer with dynamic outbound IP Basic External Load Balancer with static outbound IP [ HANDS-ON ] Basic External Load Balancer with static outbound IP Standard External Load Balancer [ HANDS-ON ] Standard External Load Balancer Standard External Load Balancer Customization Internal network egress [ HANDS-ON ] Internal network egress AKS Netwrok - Egress traffic Quiz
AKS Netwrok - Ingress traffic
Ingress traffic from the Internet [ HANDS-ON ] External nginx-ingress / cert-manager (letsencrypt) / external-dns HTTP Application Routing Ingress traffic from internal network [ HANDS-ON ] Internal nginx-ingress / cert-manager (self-signed) / external-dns AKS Netwrok - Ingress traffic Quiz
Create an AKS Cluster
Before you begin Azure Portal vs Azure CLI Using Azure Portal [ HANDS-ON ] Using Azure Portal Using Azure CLI [ HANDS-ON ] Using Azure CLI / ACR / K8S Dashboard Create an AKS Cluster Quiz
AKS Access and Identity
AKS Authorization and Authentication Generate kubeconfig for admins Generate kubeconfig for users Admin vs User - Security concerns [ HANDS-ON ] AKS auth AKS Access and Identity Quiz
Integrate AKS with Azure Active Directory
Integration architecture Server Application Client Application Integrate AKS with Active Directory Generate kubeconfig for AD users Kubernetes RBAC for AD users and groups Recommendations [ HANDS-ON ] AKS + Azure Active Directory Integrate AKS with Azure Active Directory Quiz


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