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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Essentials Course-2020

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Learn from Cloud and security instructor about the AWS Platform, global infrastructure, security, and the core services.

What does this course teach you?

Introduction to Cloud Computing
Introduction Course Agenda The Need for Cloud Computing What is Cloud Computing - I What is Cloud Computing - II What are Clouds Made of ? Benefits of Cloud Computing Characteristics of Public CLoud Key Concepts and Terminology Economies of Scale Capex Vs Opex What is a Public Cloud ? What is a Private Cloud ? Characteristics of Private Cloud What is Hybrid Cloud ? Characteristics of Hybrid Cloud Review and What Next!! What is Infrastructure as a service ? IAAS - Use Cases What is Platform as a Service? PAAS - Use Cases What is Software as a Service? What is Shared Responsibility Model ?
First Steps into Amazon Web Services
Foot Prints of Amazon Web Services AWS Console Tour Free access to AWS Creating a Free AWS Account
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Identity & Access Management ( IAM ) - Part 1 Identity & Access Management ( IAM ) - Part II Identity & Access Management ( IAM ) - Part 3 Identity & Access Management ( IAM ) - Part 4 Identity and Access Management Summary
Networking in AWS - Virtual Private Clouds
Networking Fundamentals - I Networking Fundamentals - II Conceptial Overview of VPC AWS VPC - Walkthrough NACLS and Security Groups
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
What is Compute ? AWS Compute Services EC2 Instance - Lab Activity EC2 Instance- Connecting to Windows Machine EC2 Instance- Connecting to Linux Machine
Amazon Storage
Storage Fundamentals Simple Storage Services - S3 - I Simple Storage Services - S3 - II AWS S3 Storage Classes and Data Lifecycle AWS Storage Gateway
Fault Tolerance and Elasticity
Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling - Introduction Elastic Load Balancer Auto Scaling
DNS and Content Delivery Networks
Route 53 Cloud Front
Monitoring , Auditing and Alerts
Monitoring with Cloud watch Auditing with Cloud Trail Notifications with SNS AWS Config AWS Config - LAB Cloud Watch vs Cloud Trail Vs Cloud Config
Relational Databases - RDS NO SQL with Dynamo DB Elasticache and Redshift


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