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AutoCAD 2021 - 2015 : Refresher's Crash Course program

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A Course designed for students who want to MASTER the most used PRO features of AutoCAD 2015-2021 in a VERY SHORT TIME

What does this course teach you?

About this course About AutoCAD File Handling
AutoCAD User Interface
Introduction AutoCAD 2018 User Interface AutoCAD 2015 vs 2018 User Interface AutoCAD 2016 vs 2018 User Interface AutoCAD 2017 vs 2018 User Interface AutoCAD 2019 vs 2018 User Interface AutoCAD 2020 vs 2018 User Interface AutoCAD 2021 vs 2018 User Interface
Drawing Lines
Visual control tools, Ortho method for drawing Lines, Object snapping& Selection Offset method for drawing Lines Example-2 using Offset method Object tracking & Generating Orthographic Views Chamfer & Intro to Dimensioning- Linear, Aligned & Angular Example-4 (Figure-2)
Drawing Circles & Arcs
Circles using center & Radius or Diameter and Appling Fillet Object Properties, Match Properties, Properties Toolbar & Line type scaling Center Mark & Intro to Rotate Exercise-1 Exercise-2 Circles- in depth Arcs- in depth
Duplication & Transformation Tools
Array & Mirror Exercise-3 Exercise-4 Exercise-5 Copy & Move Exercise-6 Hatch & Gradient Exercise-7 Exercise-8 Scale, Offset,Trim, Extend, Join & Explode
Draw Tools & Dimensioning - In Depth
Rectangle, Polygon, Ellipse & Splines Leader, Jogged Dimensioning & Dimension Style Inserting Text & Tables
Intro to 3D Modeling
View Cube, Generating Primitives, Rotate Visual Tool & Changing Visual Styles Extrude & Boolean Operations on solids Press pull, Chamfer & Fillet Revolve UCS, WCS & Sweep Loft 3D Array Mirror
AutoCAD Pro Tools
Setting drawing Units & View Ribbon Copying drawings to multiple AutoCAD files Customizing AutoCAD Plot Settings, Printing on Paper& Exporting Drawing in pdf & jpg formats
AutoCAD Quiz
AutoCAD Fundamentals Quiz
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