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Advanced Management Strategies (Made Practical)

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Master the Strategies & Tactics Used by Google, Apple and other Winning Organizations.

What does this course teach you?

Introduction About the Trainer How to Form a New Habit
Leadership Basics | The 3-Pillars of Brilliant Leadership
The 3 Pillars of Brilliant Leadership Vision, Direction and Trust Know your Terrain BONUS SECTION | Know Your Terrain | PESTLE Know Your Followers Leadership Basics: Case Study | Thai Cave Rescue Certification Assignment 1 | The 3 Pillars
BONUS eBook | 6-Steps to an Emotional Breakthrough
Bonus eBook | 6-Steps to an Emotional Breakthough
Know your Followers | Understanding People & Influence
Know Your Followers | Understanding People Pt 1 | Perspectives Understanding People Pt 2 | The Schema Understanding People Pt 3 | One-Size-Fits-One Understanding People Pt 4 | Personal Constructs Example
Vision, Direction & Trust | The 5 Sources of Power
Power Delegated Power Charisma Power Expertise Power Information Power Trust & Respect Power Certification Assignment 2 | Trust & Respect Power
How to Build Trust & Respect Power | Authentic Leadership
Authentic Leadership Most Common Answers (What Others Say is Best/Worst Leadership) Make Your Own Authentic Leadership Framework Breakthrough (Important) Certification Assignment 3 | Reflection on Authentic Leadership
Vision, Direction & Trust | Transformational Leadership
Transformational Leadership Intro Transactional Leadership Leadership Transformational Leadership Transformational Leadership Outro
Situational Leadership Styles
Tactics & Skills: Situational Leadership Styles Situational Leadership Styles | Creating Situations Situational Leadership | Sell Style Situational Leadership | Participate Style Situational Leadership | Delegate Style Situational Leadership | Reflection Certification Assignment 4 | Situational Leadership Reflection
BONUS eBook | The Mindsets and Skillsets for the Future of Work
BONUS eBook | The Future of Work
A Final Word from the Trainer
Receiving Your Certification & Thank You Recommended for You


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Persuasion in Business Communication and Executive Presence

Leveraging influence and persuasion weapons in business communication and establishing executive presence.
Category: Management > Leadership
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Emotional Intelligence 2 - Heartfelt Leadership

How to Be the Best Leader In Your Organization
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Category: Leadership > Leadership
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