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3ds Max Zero to Hero: The Complete Guide To 3D Modeling

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Learn the foundations of 3ds Max to start modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering things from imagination.

What does this course teach you?

Getting started with 3ds Max
Downloading 3ds Max Interface overview Navigating the viewport Creating objects Select, move, rotate, scale Rendering your scene Let's make a wallpaper Adding an ink and paint material Adding lights Cameras Keyboard shortcuts review Tip: The autogrid feature Tip: How to save your files
Common problems and solutions
Intro Can't select objects Every menu disappeared Yellow borders in viewport No rectangular selection Can't select with drag Object showing as lines Zoomed out too far
Types of objects
Standard v.s. Extended Primitives Text object Splines Textplus object Compound objects Doors
Making an office chair
Creating the leg Cloning the legs using the Array tool Finishing the chair Coloring your chair
Manipulating objects
Intro Viewport Preview & Shading Grouping objects Isolating selection Cloning and mirroring Pivot points Layers Aligning objects Modifiers Snaps toggle BONUS: Cloth simulation Changing the viewport background
Polygon modeling
What is polygon modeling How to work with Edges How to work with Polygons How to work with Vertex How to smooth your object Chesterfield mattress pattern Modeling a coffee cup Quick tip - Selecting polygons Modeling couches
Materials & textures
Texture mapping terms Where to get textures Intro to the material editor Using the material editor Adding a bump map Using Arnold materials for realism Creating a glass material Creating a metallic material Displacement Multi/sub-object UVW Unwrap
Intro animation Following a motion path Lookat constraint Attachment constraint Curve editor
Bones and biped for characters
Intro to bones and the biped system Setting up the biped Aligning the bones Applying the biped to the model Easy way to fix envelope problems
Manually skinning a character & walk cycle
About this section Editing envelopes Fixing the head Fixing the glutes BONUS: Walk cycle


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Learn 3DS Max: Low Poly Sword

Start learning 3D Studio Max by creating a Low Poly Sword in this quick and easy course.
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