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3D in After Effects CC: Working & Animating in 3D Space

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Adobe After Effects CC: A complete guide to Animating in After Effects 3D Space and using Cameras, Lights and Shadows...

What does this course teach you?

Essential 3D - Working in 3D Space and Animation Techniques
Welcome to 3D Space in After Effects Download your Project and Footage Files for the course Switching Layers to 3D - Comparing 2D and 3D Changing 3D Views Layout working with 3D Views Exploring the 3D Position Property and the 3D Axis System in Local Mode Exploring the 3D Rotation Property - Rotation and Orientation How to Optimize your views with the Camera Tools Animating in 3D and Modifying the 3D Motion Path - Part 1 Animating in 3D and Modifying the 3D Motion Path - Part 2
Concept, Usage and Manipulation of Multi-planing
What is Multi-planing Creating and Animating in Multi-plan Practice Activity: Multi-planing & Animating Practice Activity Tutorial: Practice Activity Multi-planing & Animating
How to Create and Animate 3D Cameras
Adding a Camera to your composition - Angle of View Comparing Camera Presets and selecting appropriate camera How to use the Camera Tools in the Active Camera View Moving and Animating the Point of Interest How to use the Anchor Point Tool on the Camera How to Create an Orbit Animation in 3D How to create and use the Camera Orbit Null
Working with 3D Lights
Creating 3D Lights Working with Parallel Lights Working with Point Lights Working with Spot Lights Understanding the Spot Light Properties
Creating Shadows
How to Create Shadows Exploring Shadows with Point Light How to get the best of Lights and Shadows Exploring Shadows with Spot Light
Your Composition in 3D
Setting Nested Compositions to 3D Effect of Collapse Transformation on Nested Comps and 3D Layers
Bonus and More
Bonus Courses - Learn more for less
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